Quality has its price … right?

Quality has its price … right?

How much does a good pair of riding boots really cost? Or a chic leather belt, a leather handbag or another chic leather accessory?

The pre-Christmas period is almost predestined to ask this question again. It seems that in our time, when stinginess is considered cool, the most serious purchase criterion is the unbeatable price. Of course, the design also plays a role. But hey, what do I get from having a super-stripped handbag for the price of a bar of chocolate when 50% of the female population in my home town have exactly the same fashionable eye-catcher?

We at Reit & Leder don’t find that particularly attractive. We support one-off production, mostly by hand, no mass production. Many of the products we offer are „Limited Editions“, with quantities of no more than a handful. We think not only of our customers, whom we would like to make the luxury of individual fashion possible, but also of our suppliers, that is, the manufacturers themselves. Because honestly: who wants to produce the same key hanger for months? Just. Clearly, our items cost more than the bar of chocolate mentioned above. We can guarantee that our manufacturers‘ employees have regular working hours and are covered by social security – an almost rare commodity, especially in the fashion industry. We strive to find beautiful things at fair prices. Our creed is and remains: No exploitation and child labor, but sustainability and quality.

Behind riding & leather are people, not machines. And that’s a good thing, we think. We wish you all a merry Christmas and relaxing holidays!

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