Zippers: the weak point of my riding boots ?!

Zippers: the weak point of my riding boots ?!

Oh no! Yet again. The zipper is broken! Now I have to spend another 50 € at the cobbler and wait 1 week until I can use my riding boots again. And at the weekend the tournament is just around the corner!

How often have you been or have you heard that?

A broken zipper is expensive and annoying. It cannot always be replaced without problems! Sometimes you have to make a completely new sole and a new heel on it. This is not only expensive: it takes a long time and often happens at the worst moment, exactly a few days before the „big“ tournament, even on the arena or during the course.

Who hasn’t seen a rider at the tournament with boots repaired with parcel tape at some point ?!

Our boots all have YKK zippers. The Japanese group YKK is the world’s largest zipper manufacturer and only produces high quality zippers. They best withstand permanent loads and wear. However, everything is fleeting. Even the best materials will break if not cared for properly or used incorrectly!

Care tips and tricks to increase the life of your zippers we want to present in the following lines:

– Always store your boots with the zipper closed. This makes the zipper less sensitive.

-Store your boots always standing and with boot straps, otherwise they get wrinkles on the ankles, and the whole weight shifts to the zipper. Most of the time they break in those very places.

-A boot bag is also recommended, not only because it can be carried more easily or because it is chic. Your boots are stored in the stand and are protected against environmental influences (sun / heat, dust / dirt, water / moisture); in addition, they do not roll wildly around the area, which also protects the leather from scratches 😉

-Never fold the boots in the middle around them e.g. Squeezing into a pocket, the zipper can bend it and therefore it breaks faster (that also happened!)

-Never pull, jerk or push the zipper by force because it can break. If zippers do not run smoothly, much more force is used to open and close them. There is always the risk of tearing out the carrier material or teeth. Zips can be lubricated relatively well. Plastic zippers can be easily lubricated with silicone spray. Metal zippers can be lubricated with graphite or wax. In addition to spray, a candle or a soft pencil is also suitable.

Should conscientious care defy something with the zipper
be our boot, get in touch with us. In cooperation with ours
Manufacturers will exchange this so that it is as on day 1
works flawlessly.

We hope we could help you with this post ;-).

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