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Quality has its price … right?

Quality has its price … right? How much does a good pair of riding boots really cost? Or a chic leather belt, a leather handbag or another chic leather accessory? The pre-Christmas period is almost predestined to ask this question again. It seems that in our time, when stinginess is considered cool, the most serious […]

New in the shop: VOUCHERS !!!

New in the shop: VOUCHERS !!! Now it is time again, the Christmas season is approaching. Give your loved ones a treat and give away a voucher from „Riding and Leather“. Everyone knows it, some things would make everyday life easier, e.g. Boot tensioner, a keychain, leather spur straps, heel wedges to ride more comfortably […]

Die Good year Methode

Die Good year Methode Heute erklären wir allen, die noch nie etwas von der Goodyear Nähmethode gehört haben, einen wichtigen Begriff aus der Welt der Schuhe: Die Methode Good Year Welted ist eine Fertigungsmethode, von Andreas Eppler erfunden und von Charles Goodyear Junior patentiert, die seit 1872 die beste Qualität in der Schuhwelt anbietet. Damals […]