The Team

The heart and soul of Reiten & Leder are Irene and Stefan. I, Irene, take care of everything related to “shopping,” and I thoroughly enjoy it! I am always on the lookout for new products and models so that we can offer you exceptionally unique and up-to-the-minute fashion and accessories. Stefan handles logistics – with the crucial and demanding task of making sure I stay grounded.

Since February 2013, our little Lotta has been part of the team too. Even as a newborn, she spent every weekend at tournaments. Growing up amidst leather samples and shoeboxes, she is, in a way, my right hand – no one understands so well how to carry the measuring tape for me 🙂 So, the second generation of the company is getting an early start!

Our dog Nina, the horses Matisse and Lordana, and the mini-Shetland pony Jasmin are also essential members of the family!


How it all began

It all started, like the best things in life, by chance. After a trip to Portugal in 2011, I bought a pair of handmade riding boots. I was so impressed with the quality, and many of my friends and acquaintances in Germany admired the boots, that in mid-2012, I decided to import my own pairs to sell them within my circle. After the birth of our daughter in 2013, I began to dedicate myself to this full time. As a native Spaniard, I take special pleasure in searching for very special products for my customers in my home country of Spain and the neighboring country of Portugal. What could be better than turning a hobby into a profession and being able to constantly buy boots, shoes, and accessories without feeling guilty? As Confucius said: Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life. So, since 2013, I have been essentially unemployed  😉

Our Motto

We are a small family business, and we take pride in that. We handle everything ourselves. What started as a very small project in 2012 has grown quite large since then. We are always busy!

In April 2017, we expanded our company with a full-time employee who actively supports us, especially in the areas of social media and customer communication. Our clear goal, however, is always to never lose personal contact with you, our customers! Therefore, we will always be present at trade shows and tournaments ourselves.

Although we recently considered expanding further, we ultimately decided not to grow bigger. When you visit our booth at trade shows, you will get to know us personally. When you call, write an email, or comment on our Facebook or Instagram page, it’s always me – Irene – who responds. We are proud to personally know many of our customers. Many of them have become true friends. Growing bigger would mean losing this contact, and with it, a large part of what we enjoy about our work.

To stay true to our ideals, we only work with family businesses. Currently, this includes the company Celeris from Portugal for our boots and ankle boots, as well as La Rienda and other small companies for accessories. No large factories, no mass production – everything is lovingly handmade by trained professionals in Europe. We personally know all our manufacturers, as well as many on-site employees, and visit them several times a year to have meals together and discuss new models and ideas. In case of problems, we use this direct contact to solve them quickly and effectively. Just like you can always talk to us if there are issues with the shoes. This “trato personal,” as we Spaniards say,is what, we believe, sets us apart from others. This is how we like it, and this is how we want it to stay.


We thank you for your trust and hope to have you on our side for many more years.