Repairs, Alterations & Complaints

We repair everything on our boots! (Only our brands!)

How does it work?

  • Please fill out the Repair Order Form and include it in the box with the boots. 
  • Please send the boots to the following address:

       Reiten & Leder

       Im Sportzentrum 3

       97215 Uffenheim


Here’s an overview of the options:

Professional Cleaning: deep leather cleaning, leather moisturizing, leather pigmentation matching the leather color, hand polishing, and new laces for €50.

–  Zipper Replacement, €30 each.

–  Sewing a 2cm rubber insert along the zipper, €30 (both boots).

Renewal of the inside of the boot, €40 (both boots).

Complete replacement of the foot section including the sole, €145 (both boots).

Stitching, ranging from €5 to €50.

New eyelets, €3 each.

Renewal of tabs, buckles, €15 each.

Widening, narrowing, shortening, €20 per boot.

Dressage arch replacement (if possible), €50 for both boots.

Lace replacement, €10 for both boots.

– Miscellaneous: upon request.


All prices are exclusive of €10 shipping.



Please understand: Every week, we receive several pairs of boots that require repair or refreshing. As a customer, you send only one pair of boots to us, and you know exactly when you did it and what needs to be done. However, without information in the boot box (Repair Form), we cannot know this, and it takes us a lot of time to figure these things out. This is a massive effort. In order to maintain affordable prices for repairs, we kindly ask you:

  • Please ONLY send us clean boots, just as you would like them to be for repair. Boots and soles must be brushed off so that no sand and dirt are attached. If this is not the case, a flat fee of €15 will be charged.
  • Write EVERYTHING on the Repair Form that needs to be repaired or upgraded on the boot, plus your delivery address. Place this form in the box. Boot shipments without this note will be immediately returned to the sender without postage.
  • Please send us only the boot or pair of boots that need to be altered. Leave all personal items (such as boot bags, insoles, wedges, stretchers, etc.) with you; the risk of them being lost in the workshop is too high!
  • Please package the repair with as little material as possible. We have really seen everything (blankets, Styrofoam, huge boxes), and we have to dispose of it ourselves. Please spare us this work!
  • All repairs take place in our Portuguese workshop. Usually, it takes about 1 month. We will contact you immediately when the boots are back, but we do not receive any information from the workshop before the return. Please refrain from inquiries. We inquire independently in Portugal when the 4 weeks are over. Your boots will be back with you as soon as possible!