Custom Boot Ordering – How Does It Work?

Are you in search of custom-made shoes or boots? Look no further!

Custom Boots – How It Works:?

 1) Place Your Online Order:

Simply place an order for the desired model in our online shop.
We will promptly get in touch with you and provide a measurement guide with accompanying pictures, along with an order form.
On the order form, you can specify or draw the design of the boots according to your preferences.

We are always available to assist you if you have any questions while taking measurements.
Once we receive your exact measurements and payment, we instruct the manufacturer to commence production.
The boots are then meticulously crafted by hand according to your wishes and measurements. While this process takes time, the quality of the boots makes the wait worthwhile.
Within 3-4 months, depending on the model and country, we will dispatch the custom-made boots of your choice to the provided delivery address.

 2) Organize a Boot Party

We can visit you at your stable or home.
Host your own boot party! Bring riding enthusiasts together, and we’ll bring our models, color charts, and measuring tapes.
To organize a party, a minimum of 7 custom boot orders (excluding shoes, chaps, ankle boots, and standard boots) is required.
The organizer is responsible for paying the travel costs of €0.35 per kilometer in advance. If the 7 custom boot orders are fulfilled, this travel cost amount will be credited toward the organizer’s own order.
This arrangement is a precautionary measure to avoid unnecessary long trips without confirmed orders.

3) Visit us

We have a beautiful showroom in Uffenheim, 97215, where we invite you for a personalized shopping experience.
Explore our collection, get measured by us, and design your dream boots with the help of our leather samples and sample boots.
We also welcome you with friends or family.
Alternatively, catch us at events we participate in – various winter trade shows and numerous equestrian tournaments in the summer (see SCHEDULE).

For more information, contact us at or 0172/2762151.

4) Join Our Nationwide Boot Tours

On weekends, we hit the road with our boot-mobile for boot tours with predetermined routes across Germany.
Email us to reserve a spot for the next tour by providing your name, postal code, phone number, and email address. We’ll contact you when we’re in your vicinity.
Our sales trailer has everything you need for inspiration.
This way, you receive personal guidance, get professionally measured, all without waiting for a trade show or making a trip to our location in Franken!


* Please note that custom-made boots are specifically tailored to you. Therefore, a return policy is not applicable.